Dimension NamePoint ValuePoints GivenTotal Given Points x/y (z%)
Subject Knowledge3030  EXCELLENT: Complete mastery of the subject demonstrated.  GOOD: Demonstrates understanding of the subject, with few gaps.   FAIR: Some knowledge of subject demonstrated.   POOR: Student demonstrates very little understanding of subject.
Delivery4040  EXCELLENT: Speaks very clearly with completely correct pronunciation. Speaks loudly enough that all can hear with no difficulty.  GOOD: Speaks clearly. Pronunciation is mostly correct. Speaks loudly enough to be heard by all with little difficulty.   FAIR: Mispronounces some terms. Speaks too quietly, can be heard by all with difficulty.  POOR: Some key words mispronounced, speaks indistinctly or too quietly to be heard by all.
Eye Contact1515  EXCELLENT: Eye contact meaningful; references to notes are brief and not distracting.  GOOD: Good eye contact; frequently references notes.  FAIR: Occasional eye contact. Reads most of presentation.  POOR: No eye contact; reads entire presentation.
Submitted1515  On Time  One Day Late  Two days late  More than two days late


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